Id #7561 Farberware High Performance 12-Inch Nonstick Covered Deep Skillet - Black

Farberware High Performance 12-Inch Nonstick Covered Deep Skillet - Black
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Farberware High Performance 12-Inch Nonstick Covered Deep Skillet - Black


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Farberware High Performance 12-Inch Nonstick Covered Deep Skillet - Black

A deep skillet with a lid is perfect for one-pan meals like risotto, sautéed chicken and vegetables, or braised beef in a rich garlic-tomato sauce. This pan is built to cook food with even heat and after the meal has been enjoyed, all you have to do is put the skillet in the dishwasher and the cleaning is done! Since 1900, Farberware® has brought performance, convenience and reliability to countless kitchens at an affordable price. The Dishwasher Safe High Performance Nonstick collection continues those traditions while improving upon them with new technology for today’s busy cooks. This covered deep skillet features top-quality nonstick coating in the unique SmartGlide® Nonstick System. The nonstick coats a dimpled surface, improving the nonstick’s durability and creating air pockets that transfer heat to food quickly. The result is a skillet that warms evenly and food that is beautifully browned, not burned. The glass lid allows the cooking process to be monitored without losing heat or moisture, and the strong handle provides a comfortable grip. The best part is that Farberware has been able to add these technological advances without sacrificing convenience – this covered deep skillet is oven safe to 350°F and dishwasher safe for swift and simple cleanup.


The covered deep skillet’s handle provides a comfortable yet strong grip.

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