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Dear friends and associates,

Re: New version of Penny Auction Software is released

After more than 16 months with more than 9,000 man hours invested; the new and improved version of our Penny Auction Software is released.  Here are a just a few:

1. 5 more new modules added

2. Smooth timer for low bandwidth customers

3. Better design & layout

4. Improved Autobid

5. Added checkout security and payment gateway

Here is the link to our latest demo //

If you need to access the backend, please contact us via [email protected] or call our toll free 1-877-639-9813.

The business opportunity is still wide open because Penny Auction as you know it is just getting started.  More and more people getting to know what it is and desire for big saving is the new era for digital shoppers.  Furthermore, all of the small timers with the "cheap cloned software" are dieing out like flies because their software couldn't deliver what a Penny Auction Software supposes to do.

Thank you for allowing us to inform you of this important news.  

Digital Marketing Solutions LLC
Phillip Nguyen - CIO